League Operation

Although all age divisions operate under the same basic philosophy, they have slightly different formats for the use of the ice time.


Approximately 20 one-hour sessions. Four teams of up to 12 players per team are assigned to each time slot (may vary pending on registration numbers). Early in the season, sessions are devoted almost entirely to skill development. As the player’s skills improve, scrimmage time is introduced. No goalies are used at this level.

Mites & Pee Wee

Approximately 20 one-hour sessions for each team, with two teams assigned to each time slot. Each session is divided into practice time and game time. As the season progresses, practice time is reduced and game time is increased. Teams are divided into three lines (A, B & C designation) on the basis of performance/skills from the evaluations. Lines take turns playing three-minute shifts and a buzzer sounds to indicate the line change. The A-line from one team will always play against the A-line from another team, B against B and C against C. Consequently, players receive equal ice time and always play against players of similar skill level. Players rotate positions on a regular basis, and every player will be given the opportunity to play all positions, including goal if desired. Goal tending equipment (chest protector, glove, blocker, and leg pads) at this level is supplied by the league.


Approximately 20 one-hour sessions for each team, with two teams assigned to each time slot. There are 14 players on each team (may vary pending on registration numbers) and 2, 22 minute periods. Plays shift on the fly. After the first couple of sessions, practice time is limited to only a brief 5 minute warm-up. Teams have a regular goaltender or perhaps two members that share goal tending duties.


Senior players (from 16 to 20 yrs old) do not have an evaluation. Teams are formed by the Senior Division Convener before the start of the season. Players may be subjected to change teams upon the Convener’s decision to ensure the teams’ skill level are similar. Seniors only play on Monday nights between 6:30pm and 8:30pm.