Our league operates on the premise that the most important thing for youngsters in hockey is that they develop basic skills and attitudes that encourage participation. Our aim is to provide instruction and fun while trying to minimize competitiveness and the importance of winning.

We do not keep standings during the season nor do we keep individual scoring records. We teach the players to respect the decisions of referees. Parental / coaching example goes a long way in establishing this respect.

Every individual who participates in Grandview Recreational Hockey Association (GRHA) activities, including parents, guardians, caregivers and spectators of players will be expected to learn, know and abide by the rules, guidelines and the GRHA Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including potential expulsion.

There is NO out of town travel involved. All regular season games are played at Grandview Arena. During the tournaments, Current River Arena may also be used for some games. The only other exception, is the Tim Horton’s Jamboree for the Stingers division, which is played in a local arena announced by Tim Hortons at the time of the Jamboree.


Are volunteers needed? YES! The league is run by volunteers. Volunteers are needed for coaching, and managing/convening divisions. Currently, other opportunities include some positions in the Executive Committee such as Secretary, Conveners for the Stingers, Mighty-Mites and Seniors divisions.

Registration (And What it Includes)

There is ONE cost only for registration and the league forbids fundraising or the collection of additional fees.
The registration fee covers:

  • Ice time
  • A team picture
  • Players in the Stingers, Mighty-Mites and Pee Wee divisions all receive a trophy at the end of the year
  • Players in the Stingers, Mighty-Mites and Pee Wee divisions have a year-end Banquet which is held in early April
  • Players in the Bantam and Seniors division have a pizza/beverage party at their last game of the season

Team Formation

In all divisions except Stingers and Seniors, players attend an evaluation session at the beginning of the season. Evaluation sessions involve skating and puck handling drills and/or a scrimmage game. Player ratings from the session are recorded, and the convenors work with the coaches to produce teams that are as equally balanced as possible.

Can my child be on the same team as a friend or cousin?

Our top priority is to produce equally balanced teams, and unfortunately honouring such a request could not guarantee fair team selection. Siblings within any age divisions however, are automatically placed on the same team unless instructions are given to separate them.


Stinger, Mites, PeeWee and Bantam players all participate in one or two league events/tournaments throughout the season. The first is held in early January and a year-end event is held at the end of the season in March. Coaches will advise their players of the tournament dates and schedules which will also be posted on the website. Please note that if a tournament is held, and winners are declared, no special prizes/trophies are awarded for these events.

Body Contact & Slapshots

Our league runs with a NO body contact rule. No intentional body contact is allowed and rules are enforced in all divisions. For the safety of both goalies and players, NO slapshots are allowed in all divisions. Rough play will NOT be tolerated and repeat infractions will result in suspensions and possible expulsion from the league with no refund.


Players are required to wear FULL EQUIPMENT including a CSA approved helmet, a full face mask and a BNQ neck guard (bib type is strongly recommended). Players will not be allowed on the ice if they do not have the proper equipment.  

Players will be provided with a Team sweater, which MUST BE RETURNED at the end of the season. League sweaters are to be worn ONLY during the league games. Sweaters should be washed occasionally during the season in cold or warm water only, and hung to dry (DO NOT USE A CLOTHES DRYER TO DRY SWEATERS).

Goaltending equipment is supplied for all divisions by the league except for Stingers. The goalie equipment is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and child using it. Please air dry the equipment weekly and NO STREET USE PLEASE! Report any equipment damage to your coach.